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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Warhammer 40K/Dark Heresy Online Roleplaying Community

Warhammer 40K/Dark Heresy Online Roleplaying Community

Hollow World is an online roleplaying game based in the universe of
Warhammer 40k and Dark Heresy. We do not strictly use a rules system,
but instead our Game Masters and Players employ free form
storytelling to move along their adventures.


We are currently seeking new Game Masters to run additional
plotlines, as well as new players to help create these new plots or
to join existing ones.

During the summer, I plan to start up a new plot which will very much
be along the lines of a Dark Heresy game, and will feature a group of
Inquisitorial Agents searching out the things that go bump in the
night. It will be oriented towards elements of mystery and horror,
with a focus on roleplaying, investigation and problem solving.
Appropriate characters would include Dark Heresy Characters, Hired
Guns from Necromunda, Inquisitorial Agents from Inquisitor, or
Inquisitorial Retinue from the Daemonhunter and Witch Hunter Codexes.


We also currently have several ongoing games, plus additional
roleplaying opportunities.

The first is based on the Space Wolves Chapter of Space Marines, and
features a number of characters from the Ragnar novels. They are
currently launching an assault into a Necron Stronghold.


The second is based on an Adeptus Mechanicus Expedition to the
blasted Rad World of Beryl to investigate the possible location of an
STC device.


The third is a loose-knit group of various Imperial Guardsmen and
other Imperial Servants (sort of a catch-all) who are currently
fighting Tyranids on Hollow World itself. The IGs are currently part
of a crossover adventure with the Space Marines, Inquisition and Tau.


The fourth is a group from the Tau Empire, made up of Tau, Kroot,
Vespid and other races, who are part of a diplomatic and trade fleet
visiting Hollow World, but also enacting their own plans for the
Greater Good. The Tau are also part of the crossover event.


The newest plot, just starting up, features members of the Grey


In addition, we have Morg's Pit, which is a tavern area and general
purpose welcome area for new characters, run by me, with a rogues
gallery of NPCs.

We also will be starting up games for Deathwatch Space Marines,
Sisters of Battle, and Eldar in the near future.


If you have any interest in running a plotline as a Game Master, or a
new idea for a game group in which you would want to participate,
please let me know and I will do my best to make this happen, as far
as finding a GM and/or players for that plot.

If you have any questions, please contact BlkSabbath74@yahoo.com



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