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Friday, July 31, 2009

Chaos Possessed Assembly

by Mathew Glanfield

Now that you have already purchased a chaos possessed but it is not already been assembled to what its should be look like. All the parts are not yet attached to each other. The only way to have a chaos possessed perfectly look like in the pictures is to assemble it. After opening the box, make sure that all the parts are there and complete. So here are some guides and tips on how to assemble a chaos possessed.

Tools List


plastic glue


Step 1 Read instruction booklet

When you have purchased a chaos possessed kit. It is already included in the box the user manual, a guide on how to assemble your purchased chaos possessed. So before you proceed to assembling, make sure you go through the assembly booklet to see the parts you will be using so that you will not wasting some parts that are not needed. Also, go through the codex and make sure that you know beforehand the weapons that you will be needing and you will attach to your own chaos possessed models.

Step 2 Glue Legs

Now that you have already know what are the parts you needed and the weapons you are going to attach. Its time to start assembling the parts of your chaos possessed model, start by gluing the legs of your model together. The legs may be confusing at first because of the way they fit together, just make it sure that the legs are on the right place before you glue it together. One way to know if the legs are fit together is by close examination you will notice that only certain legs fit together. That is the time you glue them accordingly.

Step 3 Glue torso

When you have already find the perfect fit of the legs and already glued them accordingly, the next step is to glue the torso together. This will give you some confusions for it is easy to stick the torso together.

Step 4 Glue torso to legs

Prepare to attach the torso to the legs after you have glued the torso. Here's a simple tip; It is a very good idea to randomize the position of the torso on the legs. Turning it from left to right as desired.

Step 5 Glue head

When you have your desired model of chaos possessed half done. Its time to pick a head for your model. And then glue the selected head to your figure.

Step 6 Glue arms

Now that the legs and the torso are already attached as well as the head, this next step is to add the arms. To begin with, select arms as desired and glue them to your figure. In the case of possessed chaos space marines, the weaponry for their war gear consists of only a single close combat. That is why the arms that you will be choosing won't matter.

Step 7 Glue shoulder pads

You are almost done with the figure when you have already glued together the main parts of the chaos possessed. This time it is time to add accessories to it, the shoulder pads. This are paddings that will be attached to the shoulders of your chaos possessed. You may need to trim and clip off some of the spikes in the shoulders in order to make them fit on your model.

Step 8 Attach Power supply pack

You are one step closer in finishing your model. This will be the last piece of the puzzle that will give accomplishment to all, the Power supply pack. Glue the power supply pack on the back of your model. Due to the powers of chaos and random mutations, you'll see that some of these have wings growing from them.

Thats it!!! you have already finished you chaos possessed model.

Matthew Glanfield is the webmaster for MiniWarGaming.com, a site that strives to provide useful resources to players of the Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, and Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. You can visit his website at http://www.miniwargaming.com

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