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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hurricon 2006

Pictured: A scene from KevCon in Kanagawa, Japan

Greeting, fellow wargamers! It is time to start getting ready for
Hurricon 2006 in sunny Orlando, Florida September 21-24, 2006! The
particulars are as follows:

We are thrilled to announce we indeed have a new home and what a
home it is!

HURRICON 2006 will be held at the Holiday Inn, International Drive,


Yes you read that right, in the heart of Orlando. 3/4 of a mile from
I-4 and 2 miles from the Turnpike we are truly at the "heart" and
crossroads of Florida.

Let's get to the important stuff. More gaming room then ever and all
in real facilities! No more temporary lights in the Atrium or DBA
tournaments in hallways all spaces are fully enclosed and well lite.
The main ballroom is over 9,800 square feet compared to less then
half that for the ballroom in the Comfort Inn. We will be
subdividing that but the main gaming space will still be larger then
that at Comfort Inn. We also have several large breakout rooms to
use. And yes Seekrieg fans, once again you will enjoy your very own
Command Post!

And that's not all. There is yet another ballroom available to
expand into as well as even more breakout rooms! Can you all say
room to grow? And how about this for a change, they actually
designed the spaces as a Convention center which means separate
entrances NOT through the hotel lobby. For dealers you can drop off
your "goodies" mere feet from the main ballroom.

Rooms are new and guess what, the climate control systems actually
work! Tired of the old "no room at the inn" line? How about 652
rooms! Each room comes with a NEW mini fridge, NEW microwave (bring
that popcorn to go with the beer) and a safe. There are actually two
facilities there with the so called "resort rooms" in the main
facility and convenient to the pool and restaurants and the tower
rooms, directly adjacent. The tower rooms are a bit bigger. There is
a full service restaurant with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Unfortunately no free breakfast but a nice breakfast buffet at a
reasonable price as well as ordering off the menu. Full service
lunch and dinner menus as well. There is a small food court for
those wishing a quick bite. Of course there is a lounge, in fact
two. One indoors and of course one outdoors by the pool, you would
expect anything less from us? Remember the little kiosk in the
Atrium? Multiple that by about 50 times and throw in a small grocery
and you have their equivalent.

And once you are there you park and that's it. Right outside the
door is literally hundreds of dining and shopping choices. Within a
5 minute WALK are an amazing selection to include a Pizza Hut,
Starbucks, Buffalo Wings and more and more and more. No more long
slogs to a restaurant or long waits for delivery of cold pizza.

Want to bring the family? Start with a world class pool, with
waterfall, that opens at 7:30 in the morning! Take a quick dip,
shower, grab breakfast and hit the game tables while the family
enjoys not only the pool but how about a beach volleyball court.
Right across the street and about a block down is Wet `N Wild Water
Park. 2 miles from Universal Studios and 3 from Sea World. I could
go on but you get the idea.

I could go on and on and on but I think a quick trip to their site
will convince you. Oh, and price. You knew there had to be some
downside right. Yes, you still have to pay for your room. Price for
the Convention will be $99. Yes a bit higher then the Comfort Inn
and yes, no mold garden in the bathroom and the soap dishes are
actually attached and not duct taped to the wall but then they do
change the sheets after each occupant.

So there it is. Our new home for this years HURRICON. We are also
completing a contract for RECON 07 and sincerely hope that this will
be our new home now and in the future.

IMPORTANT. What we need from you is to get the word out! Obviously
already short notice for HURRICON. We will soon add a link to the
website to allow you to connect directly to the Holiday Inn for
reservations. We are back to the good old days where use of the
facility is tied to room nights, no more food and beverage nonsense.
We NEED you all to get the word out. Many of you are members of
other groups and boards and we need for you to spread the word!

This is a new phase in YOUR Chapter's history. We firmly believe
that the location combined with the best damn gamers, game masters
and vendors anywhere will result in further growth.

For more info on Hurricon:


Chris Carpenter,
Ft. Myers, FL


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