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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Online Game Shops

Pictured: The Rainy Day Matching Game

Here are the sites I usually use to get boardgames,


Both of these sites seem to work fine. It's a bit of work checking prices, but depending on what you want, you can usually find the cheapest price from one of those places listed.

As for cards, check out:


The prices are cheap, and I'm still drooling over the Hecatomb prices! (US$27 for 3 boxes!!!!)

I've also recently done an order through this company:


They've got good prices and delivered the product quickly, though I felt their handling cost was a bit high, but more than made up with the cheap games I got. (BTW check out the game Allegiance if you're thinking about picking up a game for cheap!)

If games are too expensive, you can always play them online for free or make your own .

If it's RPGs you want, then nothing beats IPR , the best place to get indie RPGs (Which I feel give you more bang for your buck than most other RPGs) BTW Refik, email me if you want to get in on Burning Empires. You bought the book, didn't you?

How about in Japan? Well, I think Amiami does Magic:tG cheap, and I've found good prices at ifplus for WOW tcg. Plus, the best place to buy boardgames has got to be Shosen bookmart in Jimbocho, click on the second link at the top for the bookmart map. Their games are often the price you'd pay if you just bought one game and had it shipped over. But usually, if you're willing to wait, you can get it shipped for cheaper. Example, Descent was Y12000 but lists for about half that online.

Hmmm... are there any other good places to buy? If anyone has any good sites, put them up here so we can all benefit! :)

Ryan Bigelow

(Originally posted at the JIGG Yahoo Group)

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