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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Who Needs GW?

Who needs GW?
Me! I am a pushover for their eyecandy and terrain and shameless
self-serving attitude towards what we hold near and dear.

I make very few GW purchases compared to earlier times.
I hope that means I am wiser but more likely means I am just getting
The plastic box sets of figures were quite a good deal but I heard they
increased the prices on those last month. I was all set to dive into
Battle of The Five Armies but when they jacked up the price from 50
to 80 bucks US I had to say no. I really like Warmaster and the 10mm
scale for large fantasy battles but if I ever do it, it will be with
manufacturer's figures.

Mike M. figures they are targeting almost exclusively the 12-14 year old
market so we geezers have no leverage at all in convincing them to change
what they are doing. As a crusader, part-time anyway, for the gaming
I can only be disappointed because kids are going to get drawn in by the
marketing angle then when they get burned enough by the prices and
practices, a large proportion of them are going to go back to
computer games.

The kids will have often been playing in a GW shop so have little
exposure to
other manufacturers. I figure the best approach is to promote wherever and
whenever possible by maintaining an open, friendly, welcoming attitude to
new people of (almost) any age. I am not above reducing rules of a game to
moving some figures and rolling a few dice- because that is what it
is anyway.
That is one of the reasons I respect you.

Your promotion of Kev-con and welcoming pretty much anyone (even
who signs on to the JIGG list is outstanding. Keep it up!

For reasonably priced figures I suggest Dragglestown. It is great and
if I had any
space open in my drawers I would dive on those cheapies.

Mike Stetson


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