Who hasn`t had nightmares about GW`s dreaded Orcs? Great Guitar Lessons: Orion Miniatures in Jimbocho, Tokyo

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Orion Miniatures in Jimbocho, Tokyo

"By the way, has anybody checked out the shop at 8F of the big Sansheidan (sp
??) bookstore just before Shosen bookstore in Jimbocho? It's called Orion
miniatures and sells ... miniatures (indeed). They have a very nice
collection of home-made dioramas, of excellent quality. In addition they
have lots of bits and pieces of real word war II equipment: tank tracks and
wheels, the top end of the gun (is there a word for that?) of a King Tiger
and a Panzer IV. The piece de resistance, for me, was an almost intact MG42
(or maybe MG34) machine gun. It is fed by an ammunition belt and I had to
resist squeezing the tigger :). Of course, the fire mechanism has (probably)
been disabled, but it's not behind glass or so. Very atmospheric detour
after buying Combat Commander...."

How to get there:
Exit Hanzomon Jimbocho station and walk to Shosen bookstore. Just before you
enter the store, you have to cross a side road. Just before this side road,
there are one or two bookstores to your right, one quite large. I think it
is called San sheidan or something. Orion miniatures are on the eight floor.

--Nick posted at the JIGG Forum



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