Who hasn`t had nightmares about GW`s dreaded Orcs? Great Guitar Lessons: Old Soldiers Magazine is now Free!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Old Soldiers Magazine is now Free!

Pictured, one of the cards from Axis and Allies

Howdy Gents,

Thought I'd extend an invitation to subscribe to Old Soldiers Magazine, its FREE now. In the last year we've published articles on games such as Arab-Israeli Wars, Maiwand, Gunslinger, Wooden Ships and Iron Men, Jassin, Jewish War, Airforce, B-29 Superfortress, Kolin, Gladiator, Napoleonic Wars 2nd Edition, and Prairie Aflame, as well as history articles on topics such as the War at Sea off India 1778-1783, Marshals St. Cyr and Davout .
I've been a fan of miniatures, though I cannot afford them myself, for many many years. A local gentleman used to take his collection every year to the local art gallery who displayed case upon case of them, and I admired his skill … his art. They were beautiful. So, I'm hoping that the miniaturists will take the opportunity and write articles for the magazine on their favorite rules systems, or upon uniformology, or unit histories, the standard thing I know miniaturists are fascinated by. I do wish to reach out to you and provide a place for your pens to take flight.
Old Soldiers Magazine has been in existence for 5 years now, and we have 850 subscribers, which may well exceed that of Line of Departure and Panzerschreck. The magazine will be moving to contain a greater amount of history articles, I've always tried to include at least one per issue, but there will be more of that now, it's been so popular. So, I thought maybe you'd all at least appreciate an invitation to subscribe. As I said, it's free.
If you're interested, just reply ( tdcgunslinger@worldnet.att.net ) and I'll add you to the subscriber's list. The latest issue was released 6 weeks ago, and the next issue will be due 1 July. When you reply, I'll forward the latest issue of the magazine (Apr. '09) as well as a copy of my catalog of mounted counter sets, maps, and cards covering a multitude of games (it's a 34 page illustrated catalog).
I figure most of you had no idea of the magazine's existence, and since we cover wargames from extinct companies, and out of print games, as well as games from the smaller companies within its pages, well, maybe you might find it useful, and maybe even you'd find a place for that article you always intended to write and publish. I'm always willing to help with editing and graphics, just drop me a note and I'll see what I can do for you.

Take Care,
Tom Cundiff
Old Soldiers Magazine
tdcgunslinger @ worldnet.att.net
(remove the space before and after the @ sign – done to confound spam bots)

(Some of you may already be subscribers, and if you already are, sorry about that. From this e-mail list, and there are so many wargame forums on the web, I can't tell who has already subscribed and who hasn't. I have no way to index this list against my own subscriber lists. So, please forgive me.)

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