Who hasn`t had nightmares about GW`s dreaded Orcs? Great Guitar Lessons: How to Quickly Add Detail to Your Warhammer 40K Tyranid Army

Friday, July 31, 2009

How to Quickly Add Detail to Your Warhammer 40K Tyranid Army

Pictured: GW`s Tau

by Matthew Glanfield

Now you've got a large Warhammer 40k Tyranid army but you are not yet satisfied with its full details so you want to add quick details. But your dilemma is you have got to sacrifice a good paint job in order to save time. In this article you will learn tips and tricks on how to quickly add detail on your army without spending a ridiculous amount of time on painting. And the best part on this is that it would not look like a quick paint job. Just be sure to let it dry first before proceeding to another paint color.

For this article we’ve chosen to paint a termagaunt.

-bubonic brown
-bleached bone (optional)
-brown ink
-yellow ink
-red gore
-scab red (optional)
-blood red

Step 1 Paint bubonic brown
From its original color simply begin by painting a layer of bubonic brown on the skin of your termagaunt. Just paint it smoothly and equal on both sides.
Step 2 Dry brushing the termagaunt (optional, you could skip this step to save time)
Next, dry brush equal amounts of bubonic brown and bleached bone to your termaguant but this step can be skipped if you want to save precious time if you want to. This is just optional if you want to add more detail to your termagaunt.
Step 3 Light dry brush (optional, you could skip this step to save time)
After dry brushing with bubonic brown its time to dry brush again it with bleached bone. Just like the second step this third step too is optional you can skipped this if you want to save time just be sure that you paint the termagaunt perfectly.

Step 4 Washing the termagaunt
(NOTE: Make sure your termaguant are completely dry before ink washing them or you’ll smear the paint. Trust us, you’re better off to wait a few minutes first.)
Here’s the fast detail part. Wash your termaguant with 2 parts brown ink, 1 part yellow ink and 2 parts water.
Step 5 Paint armor
To be able to recognize the armor of the termagaunt from its body you should paint a solid layer of red gore onto your guants’ armor. Make sure that you only paint the armor and not including is body, that is why you need to have fine smooth brush for this.
Step 6 Highlight armor (optional, you could skip this step to save time)
After painting the armor with red gore paint, its time to add some highlights into it. Now add some highlights of scab red into your termagaunt armor. But if you are in a hurry you can easily skipped this step to proceed to the next step to save some time.
Step 7 Highlight some more
Finally, add some last highlights of blood red to your termagaunt to add more details on your termagaunt and do it again on another termagaunt.
There you have it! Quick details in half the time, looking twice as good. Enjoy!

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