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Monday, November 01, 2010

New Star Wars Lego Sets for 2011

New Star Wars Lego Sets For 2011 - Clone Wars Ships, Battle Packs and More

New Star Wars Lego Sets For 2011 - Clone Wars Ships, Battle Packs and More

By Inger Fountain

Star Wars has to be Lego's most successful franchise and it's not hard to see why. The almost too-good-to-be-true combination of the best building toy in existence with the world's biggest Sci Fi franchise (sorry Trekkies) is a fan's, not to mention a toy-maker's, dream.

Over the last ten years Lego has released an awesome range of Star Wars Themed sets, from all six movies as well as the Clone Wars television series and the occasional Extended Universe ship. In 2011 they will continue to come up with amazing sets, if initial images of the first wave is any indication.

Due for release in January 2011 the latest Star Wars sets are heavily focussed on the Clone Wars animated TV series. After the success of previous battle packs, Lego will focus on army builders form the Clone Wars by releasing a Clone Wars Battlepack (7913) and a Mandalorian Battle Pack (7914) both priced at $10.99.

The Clone Wars Battle pack will contain four figures; Clone Trooper, ARF Trooper and two Bomb Squad Troopers which is a nice mix of clones and differentiates this set from earlier clone trooper battle packs. The Mandalorian Battle Pack will come with four of these famous Star Wars clan-based characters, as featured in Season two and three of the Clone Wars cartoon. Each battle pack also comes with a small vehicle.

Vehicles are also featured in this first Star Wars Lego 2011 wave. Set 7915 is the Imperial V-Wing Star Fighter, already the subject of a Lego set back in 2006 (Set 6205) but this latest version comes with a black color scheme for both the ship, pilot and astromech droid.

Set 7929 entitled The Battle Of Naboo is the first Episode One set for some years. It features a large amount of figures, mainly battle droids and a couple of Gungans. The set also comes with a droid carrier featuring a dark red color scheme instead of the rather drab brown versions of the past. The new Gungans look to be more varied and detailed than the versions from 10 years ago. One of the Gungans is, of course, Jar Jar Binks and his headpiece is painted and looks absolutely beautiful.

The Bounty Hunter Gunship (Set 7930) was featured in the Clone Wars Television series Season Two Episode 17 entitled, appropriately, "The Bounty Hunters". The ship is dark green in color with accents in yellow and gray which blend in nicely with the episode's location, Felucia. Widening the scope of bounty hunter minifigs this set comes with the long awaited Aurra Sing as well as Embo, Sugi and an Assassin Droid who were all featured in the episode.

The last set of this first Star Wars Lego wave for 2011 is the T6 Jedi Shuttle (7931) also known as a Jedi ambassador shuttle as featured in episode three of Season two "Children Of the Force". The distinctive semicircular shuttle looks very nicely done and comes with some highly anticipated figures. Finally fans can add the Jedi Quinlan Vos, Shaak Ti and Saesee Tiin to their collection as well as another Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Overall this first Lego Star Wars 2011 wave looks wonderful and contains some notable Star Wars figures that fans, new and old, will be eagerly awaiting.

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