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Friday, July 31, 2009

Warhammer 40k Bell Tower Project: WIP Part 3

by Matthew Glanfield

(Scroll down for parts 1 & 2 of the Bell Tower Project--Editor)

In the second part of this project we discuss how to paint and prime the bell tower. And we also create a rooftop base to support the bell. In this last part of the sequel on how to create a Warhammer 40k Bell Tower its time to finish what we have started.

Step 1 Create Rooftop base

Cut a base that would fit the rooftop with appropriate side walls. After you finished cutting the rooftop base glue the walls to the base.

Step 2 Glue decorative pieces to base

This step gives beauty and characteristic to the base. You can use the windows from the walls you cut out in the first part of the project. Glue them appropriately to the base in any fashion you desire. Then let it sit to dry.

Step 3 Paint rooftop base

Acrylic black paint is also what to use in painting the base. Make sure that it is strong and can stand on its on foundation before you begin painting.

Step 4 Create upper tower walls

These walls will be used for the bell area. Be sure to make the windows large in ratio against the walls so that you ca clearly see the bell outside. You can damage them a little too if you want a wrecked outlook. As for me i like doing it for new look on the structure nothing is as boring as perfectly in tact buildings.

Step 5 Apply codex gray.

After you finish priming the upper tower walls with acrylic black paint, coat them with codex gray paint. Next step is to coat everything else with codex gray.

Step 6 Flooring

This step is very important for the reason that it adds loads of realism to your structure. Start by cutting the ends off a stack of Popsicle sticks. Lets not count or nor will i give exact number on how many Popsicle stick you cut because it will depend on the structure you decide to make. After you have cut the exact amount of stick you needed in making the floor glue them on to the floors .
You also going to accent the wood floors with snakebite leather then lightly dry brush with bestial brown.

Step 7 Destroy and paint the roof top

The bell tower should be demolished from the back corner all the way down to the bottom. Therefore we are also going to destroy the roof top to match the subsequent levels. Just simply use a utility knife and carve out chunks off the foam board in scraggy shapes. After all the cutting and carving its time to paint the edges with chaos black to add a scorched look.

Step 8 Tarnish the bell

Its time to stain the shiny bell to add new look into it. Use fine grit sand papers or a sanding block to wear away your bell surface. Apply yellow ink then brown ink in generous amounts that can give a tarnished look to the bell. After being tarnished place the bell wherever you want. You can place it on the main floor of the bell tower, on the roof top level or even up on a built contraption.

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