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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

After Inebriation Report: Axis & Allies

Pictured: Halftrack model, courtesy of Chris Zanella

Jeff I think everyone would agree, was the overall champion. He
performed well with Germany. Russia was rather distracted, as he was
also playing another game on the computer. Not to detract from Jeff`s
performance however. Jonah the Russian leader was heard to complain:
"Well....you guys are always talking."

Japan and America played kind of a cautious stalking game in the the
South Pacific. I think that both the American and British leaders
suffered from too much alcohol and not enough concentration. Some
historians feel that it was a Japanese plot to supply unlimited
amounts of Kirin Lager to the allies. Only the underaged Soviet
leader Joe, the underaged plotter Senahito, and the sober Kaiser, did
not partake of the enemy suds.

It should be noted that Kaiser Jeff survived many gas attacks and was
still able to take over a lot of Soviet and African territory. There
is no excuse for unsportmanlike conduct like that. Gas attacks were
outlawed by the Geneva Convention. Whatever that heck that is?
Is that like a Shriners Convention? I love those funny hats!

Thanks to Chris for teaching us many interesting medical terms, we
would never have had the guts to look up for ourselves. He was even
willing to supply photos on his laptop, but the generals sat behind
their pencil-pushing desks and declined to see.

As British leader I can safely say, "I didn`t know what the hell I was

I seemed to have forgotten how to play Britain, with her limited
resources and options.

Coming up at the end of April, KevCon! Hope everyone can come!

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