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Monday, June 18, 2007

How To Purchase Wargame Terrain on eBay

Pictured: Some wargame trenches

by Crisano John

How To Purchase War Game Terrain On eBay

Greeting and well met!

As you may know, I sell Terrain pieces on eBay. This guide will assist you in purchasing wargame terrain scenery on eBay and the internet from credible sellers.

Many sellers on eBay create awesome terrain pieces. I have seen some pieces that are equal to and exceed museum quality. Here in the USA, the talent is overwhelming. Our friends across the big pond in England and Down under in Australia create some of the best pieces yet.

The main thing to look for when purchasing terrain pieces or even painted figures is good, qualitiy pictures. The more the better. This includes close ups, different angles and top views. Pictures tell you that this seller is proud of his/her creation. It displays for all to see, the detail and time spent on fabricating a quality piece of work.

The feedback score and comments are an obvious indication of a sellers credibility, so I won't touch on that.

If the seller has only one or two blurry or distant pictures, the next step is to ask questions. Email the buyer and ask for more detailed images. In doing so, you will not only answer your quality questions, it may provide some answers such as how responsive is the sellers. Do they return your question in a timely manner (a day or two)? Did they even respond to your question? If not, I would be very weary of this sellers commitment to satisfaction.

Another tip is to read the description. How detailed is it? does it give the size, and idea of the material used to create the piece and or shipping & terms.

As a seller, I go out of my way to answer potential bidders questions with in hours of them asking. I know that if I am upfront with them, honest and provide excellent customer service, they, the customer will respect and appreciate that, so in the future, he/she will remember and maybe purchase another item from my auctions...or better yet, tell a friend. Lesson - If you say what you are going to do - Do what you say you are going to do.

I have recommend other sellers who I have personally purchase from, and who I know can build what the customer wants (If I cannot).

In conclusion - There are many talented wargame terrain builders on eBay. They all bring the best that they can. but, as with anything out there and on eBay. be smart when spending your hard earned money on custom built terrain pieces.

About the Author

John Crisano is the owner of http://www.wargame-terrain.com

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