Who hasn`t had nightmares about GW`s dreaded Orcs? Great Guitar Lessons: How to Make Basic Warhammer Bases

Friday, July 31, 2009

How to Make Basic Warhammer Bases

by Matthew Glanfield

After all the days work and at last your Warhammer army is now freshly painted. As you looked into your great work of art you can see that all the sacrifices, creativity and patience paid off. But hey your just looking at the Warhammer army and not the whole thing. The bases where the warhammer armies stand on are purely black and without color. You can ignore it and continue playing with the warhammer army. But looking on the big picture putting color in your bases makes the whole item more elegant and adds beauty to it. As we all know that even though you just painted your warhammer army the best paint you cant deny the fact that the base will also add some beauty to it.
So for this article we are gonna learn some important tips and tricks on how to make basics warhammer bases. Doing this project is just like taking the cookie away from the baby. So its time to gather all the materials and continue on painting your warhammer army beginning with the base.
Materials list
-paints (A whole array of color choices are workable for bases)
-brown ink
-small paint brush
-PVA glue (white glue)
-GW sand (This can also be bought from a hardware store or picked up from a nearby beach.
-modeling flock
-newspaper (for setting your minis on while they dry)

Step 1 Priming
Priming the base, for this basing project our theme is the rocky wasteland. Because of its simplicity we will not have a hard time painting the base. Prime the base with scorched brown.

Step 2 Adding Sand
Next step is adding more texture onto the base by doing this you are adding more life on the miniature. So brush PVA glue (white glue) onto the base, you can apply more glue so that there will be a lot sand that will stick onto it. Now sprinkle sand on it, you can choose between dipping the base with glue into a tub of sand and then rap off the excess sand or just sprinkle the sand into the base. So lest just prefer sprinkling cause we can choose the right granule of the sand that we will be putting on the base.

Step 3 Adding a layer of brown ink
After the sprinkling of the sand we can see that theres a lot of loose sand particle in the base. So to get rid of those unwanted loose sand particle, add a layer of brown ink to the whole base for it will lock all the loose sand particle. Because the sand particle is already been compressed and lock it will also give you comfortable time later in painting the next layers of the base.

Step 4 Dry Brushing
After adding the sand and getting rid of those loose sand particle by adding a layer of brown ink. We come to the final detail part of the project the dry brushing. Dry brush a layer of vermin brown and then terracotta to add color. Now the last part of the dry brushing is the adding of bestial brown and snakebite leather.
By adding these layers of dry brushes you’ll refine the bases’ ground terrain and add realism to it.

Step 5 Flock it!
After sitting to dry the base, simply brush on PVA glue (white glue) for the last procedure of the project. By brushing white glue to random parts of the base you can see that it add more variety to the base when you sprinkle the flock.

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