Who hasn`t had nightmares about GW`s dreaded Orcs? Great Guitar Lessons: WarHammer 40k Factory Project:WIP Part 1

Friday, July 31, 2009

WarHammer 40k Factory Project:WIP Part 1

Kids get into the model making at Kevin`s English Schools.

Vehicles, tanks and weapons in the world of warhammer don't just appear in the battlefield as magic they were built in a certain place called the war factory. Not just in the world of warhammer but also in the real world. Vehicles and tanks are made in a war factory. If you have a war factory in your base or in your terrain it is easily for you to create or to have a vehicle that will coincide with the terrain. You can create tanks and weaponry that would best fit in a battlefield that will give you an advantage in the battle. Today, we are going to build one of those factories. Only this one's that we will be creating seen it's fair share of battle.

Materials List

foam board

Popsicle sticks

PVA glue (white glue)

utility knife

fine sand


acrylic black

codex gray

bestial brown

graveyard earth

skull white

Step 1 Outline entrances and windows

The first step we have to do is simply outline or draw in the foam board the doors and the windows. Where you want you doors and windows to be placed at. To give more variety and uniqueness to your project, try to vary the sizes of your windows. Try to add one or two doors on your factory a large door or a garage door.

Step 2 Cut entrances and windows out

After outlining the whole picture of your factory of what is going to look like. Its time to cut the doors and windows that you have drawn. Carefully cut out the windows and doors. By taking care and doing this slowly you allow for better and smoother cutting. By doing this kind of cutting you will ultimately end up with crisper edges which will give you a look ten times better that it should be.

Step 3 Adding extra detail

When you have already cut all the windows and doors that you have drawn. It is time to add some more detail for the exterior part of the factory building. You are going to place another strip of foam board along the second story roof level and along each side of the front entrance. In this way, you are giving the factory building more added variety on it's exterior part. You already know that giving more variety to your projects is very good.

Step 4 Adding floors

After you have added some extra details to the exterior part of your factory building and all your windows and doors are already been cut off. Its time to add the floors. In creating the floor, begin by slicing out channels for the Popsicle sticks where you want your floors to go. Then simply glue in the Popsicle sticks. The next step is glue on your floors. This also braces the walls together.

You can also stick temporary pins through the outside walls into the floors to hold them in place while the glue dries. This also works well when gluing two walls together



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