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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Allure of Airsoft

Pictured a Hen Long BB shooting tank

by Don J

Most of us, the male of the species anyway, at some point develop a fascination with firearms. For some of us, this interest starts when we are toddlers and continues through adulthood. I cannot count the number of bank robbers that have met their end in my parent's backyard or the number of times I have saved the world from the Nazis. Boys will be boys and boys do love their toys.

As father time advances the clock, our backyard begins to get smaller, bang-bang loses it's power and so does our imagination. At this point in our lives we may bounce around playing organized sports, video games, or action pursuit sports. For a fortunate few, they will discovery an obscure but growing activity known as airsoft.

Airsoft will transport you to a time when your backyard was an adventure and it was acceptable to pretend. The look, feel, and performance of airsoft guns will make anyone interested in firearms or the military stop and take notice. Some of the airsoft guns are externally identical to their real steel counterpart, down to their weights and markings, and their resemblance is not by accident. Airsoft was created to fulfill the needs of a gun enthusiast population in a country where real firearms are not permitted, namely Japan.

The variety of airsoft guns is mind numbing. There is an airsoft gun to fit any enthusiast tastes, from the days of Billy the Kid to the movie Aliens. You may see airsoft guns used as props in the television and film industry, at your favorite convention (Sci-Fi or Comicon), or at costume parties. Airsoft guns are sought after as much for their looks as for their functionality.

Military simulation is what really makes people passionate about airsoft. There are a variety of options in the action pursuit realm, but airsoft offers the best choices in performance and realism. Airsoft allows the simulation of time periods from old west to modern day Afghanistan. Police departments and the military are turning more and more to airsoft as a training option.

Most authentic firearm accessories will attach perfectly to all but the cheapest airsoft guns. In some cases airsoft accessories are used as a low cost alternative to actual firearm rails, lasers, and flashlights. The ability to use the same equipment you may already currently own for your real firearm on your airsoft gun is very appealing to police officers and gun enthusiasts alike, making airsoft a logical recreational choice.

From the magazine they use, to the moving bolt in some guns, the operation of airsoft guns also mimics that of their real world counterparts. Instead of utilizing unrealistic paintball hoppers, air tanks, and gas lines, airsoft guns use a variety of means to conceal the operational mechanism and keep the gun as realistic as possible.
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