Who hasn`t had nightmares about GW`s dreaded Orcs? Great Guitar Lessons: New Chiba Games Club Starts

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Chiba Games Club Starts

Pictured: The Orcs from Warhammer, a Games Workshop Game

Message from Chiba TPRG, the new Games Club in Japan:

Hi everyone,

I have been looking for roleplayers and board gamers in the Chiba-ken
/ Tokyo area, and have been drawing blanks on the net (I only just
found this group through word of mouth).

There is a now a new Yahoo Group for people in this area.

You do not need to be a member to come and post on this group. As
JIGG and ChibaTRPG are trying to accomplish the same thing (get gamers
and roleplayers together), I am assuming you don't mind me posting
this here (and feel free to come and post similar on Chiba Roleplay).

We currently have players in Yokohama, Funabashi, Kawazaki, and Inage
looking for roleplaying games.


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