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Friday, July 31, 2009

Warhammer 40k Bell Tower Project:WIP Part 2

by Mathew Glanfield

In the first part of this project we discuss on how to get started in making a bell tower from marking the windows up to gluing the structure together. The steps we tackle in the first part is only the basic in preparation for the second part which is more of painting and beautifying the bell tower. With out further do, this is the continuation of bell tower project. So don't worry if in the last article your project was not finish. Lets start the work going by

Step 1 Cut out base

After cutting out the windows you're going to cut a base out so that the walls have something to stick in to. You can made it just large enough to fit two space marines along the outside of the building once in place.

Step 2 Glue popsicle sticks

Start this by slicing popsicle sticks width channels in each level. Next glue popsicles sticks according to its place. These will give enough support to the structure when everything is glued together and in order. Once finished gluing all the popsicle sticks let it sit to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Step 3 Glue structure together

This is where we make busted up flooring. Make it so it

�s able to rest on both walls for stronger support. Hold the walls up perpendicular to each other and glue down the floors until it dries up. This will enable the building to stand by itself. Be sure that the wall can stand up all by itself. Next glue supports to the base. Use the windows that were cut from the walls.

Step 4 Prime the structure

Use acrylic black paint in building when going to base the building. Its better to include when painting the beneath the floors so that if you want to take a picture of it there is an art.

Step 5 Create Rooftop base

Cut a base that would fit the rooftop with appropriate side walls. After you finished cutting the rooftop base glue the walls to the base.

Step 6 Glue decorative pieces to base

This step gives beauty and characteristic to the base. You can use the windows from the walls you cut out in the first part of the project. Glue them appropriately to the base in any fashion you desire. Then let it sit to dry.

Step 7 Paint rooftop base

Acrylic black paint is also what to use in painting the base. Make sure that it is strong and can stand on its on foundation before you begin painting.

Step 8 Create upper tower walls

These walls will be used for the bell area. Be sure to make the windows large in ratio against the walls so that you ca clearly see the bell outside. You can damage them a little too if you want a wrecked outlook. As for me i like doing it for new look on the structure nothing is as boring as perfectly in tact buildings.

This will encouraged you to do more terrains when looking your wrecked and slightly damaged bell tower cause it there will never be a dull moment when you are playing with it.

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